Bucharest's finest
authentic oriental cuisine experience

We invite you in our great venue for private events, cocktail parties, dinners and corporate events. With a full capacity of 100 people for private events and 70 people for corporate events, our salons captures the oriental vibe by inviting you in a cozy atmosphere.


Organize your event in one of our two salons dedicated for wedding parties, cocktail or birthday parties. With a full capacity of 100 people, our salons introduces you in the oriental world. You can personalize your menu for your event only with the dishes you enjoy the most, with incredible flavours and very exotic tastes. If you plan an events, don’t hesitate to contact us for a special offer

From a simple coffee break to a conference, our staff is here to help you organize your business event. With a full capacity of 70 people, we can provide a full corporate event experience including coffee breaks, technical facilities for presentation, business lunches and dinner for your partners. Invite your business partners or employees in a casual environment and delight them with an unique experience in the heart of Bucharest. If you are planning a corporate event, please contact us.